The Nelson Andrews Leadership Center's nonprofit mission is to empower leaders to achieve the future they prefer through others. Its world class retreat facility is located on the Shores of Percy Priest Lake in the YMCA's Joe C. Davis Outdoor Center. The YMCA maintains membership on the center's board of directors and is an important partner helping the Center accomplish its mission.

Building on one man's vision

Although a lot of planning and thought by leadership and design experts has gone into building the Nelson Andrews Leadership Center, we can’t take all the credit. As a highly regarded entrepreneur in the Nashville area for decades, Nelson Andrews had a vision to create a facility that would be, in his own words, “a different world—a positive, isolated, whimsical place where the demands of life fade away and you become receptive to a new kind of learning.” 

Nelson Andrews saw a place where leaders could think creatively, design, collaborate and plan sound strategies. 

Nelson and Sue Andrews

  • He was ahead of his time, known for his ability to inspire leaders to grow by stepping outside of their comfort zones and learning in unique environments.
  • He made decisions based not only on fact and figures but also on what people thought and felt, and what it took to motivate employees toward positive change.
  • He also believed people should not take themselves too seriously and that the best way to get someone to think “outside the box” was to use creativity and humor.
  • What he believed, and the way he led his career and life, is what you’ll find at the heart of the lodge. We’re creating a community of people, ideas and enterprises—all interconnected in mind and spirit.